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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

$175 per classPurchase required to enroll
Children are receptive , and their ever-evolving, sponge-like brains benefit as much or more than an adult’s with the tools to self-regulate their emotions. Practicing self-worth, relaxation and body health awareness in a way that KIDS understand it is an essential part in allowing Yoga to help them navigate life’s challenges more easily. The yoga experience teachers provide to kids fosters cooperation and compassion without competion or opposition.

Upon completion of this 12 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training you will:
Feel confident working with kids, at home, in school, or in a yoga class; Possess knowledge of child specific asanas, breathing techniques, and meditations - along with their benefits relative to each age group and setting. Gain tools to create your own Kids Yoga class: Games, sequences, stories and languaging skills; and time to practice use of these tools through applied teaching.
This course is specifically designed for all who have worked, or currently work, with kids of all ages. Yoga teachers, health practioners, parents, and any in the fields of child psychology or physical development are encouraged to register. These teachings come from the result of more than 10 years combined Kids Yoga and child care experience both in and out of schools. Time will be spent on anatomy and physiology, as well as neurobiology and mindfulness training.
Training also awards a certificate of completion and CEU hours to register with Yoga Alliance.
The benefits of a Yoga practice are boundless, and for the developing bodies and minds of kids, even more so. Physically, Kids Yoga enhances strength and flexibility. Mentally, Kids Yoga hones their coordination and body awareness. In addition, children use what they learn in Kids Yoga to both regulate their own emotions and increase their ability to concentrate, empowering them with their own inner light and authentic self that is brought to the surface. As the stewards of our youth, we can be guides to a better future with Yoga that works for them. Bringing mindful awareness to your interactions with the youth of this world, and in your life, will allow you to tap into your own inner child and prepare you to hold that space for them - which your Yoga practice holds for you. ♡♡♡